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JACK’S PACK NYC Fundraising for Neuroblastoma

In preparation for the major New York City fundraising events, members of JACK’S PACK visited New York city to finalize arrangements for the May 19 – 21, 2018 events. On Saturday 19th May 2018,  95 Officers from The Metropolitan Police, Essex Police, British Transport Police, Surrey Police, The Ministry of Defence Police, Cambridgeshire Police, Merseyside Police, […]

2018 New York Fundraising Pre-event Trip

In preparation for our 2018 New York City fundraising events, including the 2018 NY Run and jetBlue Plane Pull, a team of JACK fundraisers made a trip to New York. From left to right: Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh, Chief Officer James Poulain, Officer Rob Mirfield NYPD ESU, Sgt Kev Sinclair NYPD (retd) , Mark “Taff” […]

2018 jetBlue Plane Pull

Many Thanks to jetBlue Airways, New York’s Hometown Airline,  for organising our 2018 Plane Pull and the After Plane Pull Party at 1 World Trade Centre. Both events are scheduled for Monday, May 21, 2018. The plane pull takes place at JFK airport and is a competition between police and military to see who can […]

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NYC Run - May 19, 2018

J-a-c-k.org New York Fundraising

jetBlue Plane Pull - May 21, 2018

J-a-c-k.org New York Fundraising



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