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2018 JetBlue PlanePull for Neuroblastoma

British police officers from @J_A_C_K999, the NYPD, US Military personnel and more are at #JFKPlanePull for a little friendly competition to benefit kids' cancer research. Who can can pull a @JetBlue airplane the fastest? pic.twitter.com/QQeCNHT56s — British Consulate NY (@UKinNewYork) May 21, 2018

CBS NY Covers JACK Half Marathon

JACK is delighted to have received coverage in both print and television from CBS New York: British Officers Skip Royal Wedding For Charity Run In Central Park Our goal is to raise aware and money to support Neuroblastoma research and to support families of children who are undergoing Neuroblastoma treatment. Television and news coverage furthers our efforts.

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NYC Run - May 19, 2018

J-a-c-k.org New York Fundraising

jetBlue Plane Pull - May 21, 2018

J-a-c-k.org New York Fundraising



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